Case Medical Corporate Updates

We would like to take the opportunity to thank those who have sent well wishes, words of encouragement and support our way. As most of you are aware, New Jersey was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy. Almost all of Northern NJ was without power, heat, and phones for as long as two weeks. Much of the Case Medical staff has faced their own personal issues during the disaster cause by Hurricane Sandy, and amazingly still found the time to come in and work to get the company back up and running.

After two weeks of no power, heat, internet, or phone access we finally had our power turned on this Monday. This has allowed us to access our servers, ship orders, and stage jobs at the minimum. We have been handling phone orders remotely and are shipping them based on inventory and priority. I thank you for your continued patience, we will be up and running at normal pace within two weeks. If you have any orders or inquiries, the best way to reach us right now is at If you need to speak to someone, please call (201) 313-1999. Listen carefully as the menu options have been updated.

As Thanksgiving is around the corner, we are reminded of the things we are most thankful for. A big thank you to all of our loyal customers, associates, suppliers, and friends for your continued support.

I hope that everyone else affected by the hurricane is now safe and making progress. Thank you all for your continued support, it really means a lot to the Case Medical family.

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