Seasons Greetings…Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday and a Successful New Year!

During this holiday season, all of us at Case Medical would like to let you know how much you are appreciated. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you in the New Year. Here are some of our accomplishments and product innovations from 2011 and a preview of what’s to come during 2012.


Marcia Frieze, CEO Case Medical

Accomplishments in 2011:

  • Case Medical receives EPA partnership for Green Chemistry

Case Medical received a formal partnership agreement from the EPA under the Design for the Environment Program for the company’s Case Solutions and SuperNova, environmentally friendly instrument chemistries. The EPA allows companies like Case Medical with environmentally preferred products to carry the Design for the Environment (DfE) label. This mark enables users to identify and choose products that are safer and can help protect the environment.

  • Case Medical’s newest 510K for STERRAD

On July 1, 2011 Case Medical received FDA 510k clearance for its SteriTite sealed container system and MediTray products for use in STERRAD 100 NX sterilization system for use in both standard and flex cycles. The company’s SteriTite container system meets sterilizer manufacturers’ recommendations for surfaces and lumens, including rigid and flexible endoscopes.

  • Expansion of our Manufacturing abilities.

Silicone Backbone Brackets are now manufactured in house using our silicone injection molding machine. We also have recently upgraded our hydraulic press to the most advanced version so that we can quickly and accurately draw our SteriTite sealed container systems in-house.

  • Participation at AAMI and FDA Summit

AAMI ST77 ANNEX-A provides a template for integrating wrapped custom sets into sealed containers. This will extend the useful life of surgical instruments and contribute to faster turn-around time, something Case Medical has always emphasized.

Case Medical participated in the task group that drafted the ANNEX and also joined our colleagues at the FDA/AAMI Symposium on Reprocessing Surgical Devices.

What’s Next in 2012:

  • More container and specialty tray options for 2012

New 2″ and 4″ high containers; SC02MG, SC04MG. We are offering a variety of smaller containers and trays for specialty sets and extending the line for STERRAD and VPRO use.

  • Custom Tray Options in SteriTite sealed containers

Case Medical can help you integrate your wrapped custom trays and loaners into our SteriTite sealed container. An OEM supplier of custom trays to major medical companies for the past 20 years, we can provide you with a universal, sealed container designed for “loaners” that you can put in to use at your facility and save time, reprocessing costs, and protect valuable instrumentation.

  • Bariatric Trays and SteriTite Long Container System

Bariatric surgery is rapidly growing as a procedure to reduce obesity and its associated diseases. Case Medical understands the need to develop a longer tray system for this procedure and will be providing the appropriate trays and containers in the 1st quarter of 2012.

  • Case Solutions offer NEW PentaWipes and Alcohol Wipes

PentaWipes are pre-moistened, non-woven, durable, single-use wipes containing proprietary surfactants and multiple enzymes including protease, lipase, amylase, cellulase, and other proprietary enzymes. Impregnated with EPA preferred, biodegradable, PentaZyme, enzymatic cleaning solution. Designed for use within the Endo Suite, and for manually cleaning of surfaces and sterilization containers.

Alcohol Wipes are ideal for further decontamination of non-critical surfaces after cleaning. Facilitates drying. Quick, easy to use, non-streaking.

  • Educational Offerings

Case Medical is committed to providing educational programs for sterile processing, operating room staff, and materials management. Visit us at for the listing of 2012 Educational Programs, always with CEU’s that are available to you free of charge.

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